Portrait pricing comes in individual and group rates.

Individual Rates

For personal portraits, family portraits and headshots the following is included in the rates:

  • Unlimited looks (Given time)
  • Online Gallery hosted Images
  • Color correction of selected images
  • 25 to 75 photos per hour of photography
  • Advanced retouching available for an additional fee.
Hours Rate
1 150
2 300
3 450
4 600
5 750

Group Rates

Ideal for business that have to shoot a variety of subjects with the same lighting setup and backdrop. Studio and outdoor looks are available and can be accomplished at your place of business.

Since the process is the same for each subject, you save in the end.

With each session you receive

  • Online hosted gallery with edited files
  • Basic color correction on edited files
  • 15 minute sessions per subject
  • 10 to 20 photos per subject
  • Advanced retouching for an additional fee
Subjects Rate
1 150
Additional subjects 30 each